Monday, July 23, 2012

In Loving Memory of my Beautiful Daughter

Lindsay and Lexi her Labradoodle
A year ago today God took you away,
To a home in heaven to forever stay.
The pain and loss of you is much to bear,
even after a year it’s always there.

When I think of the past and memories for awhile,
What I think of most is your beautiful smile.
Etched in my memory and in my heart,
When you went to heaven my world fell apart.

There is no greater sorrow,
Than to have you here today and gone tomorrow.
This is not the way it is supposed to be,
I wish you could come and trade places with me.

Why did this happen to you I will never know,
I search for an answer why you had to go.
A senseless tragedy with no respect for your life,
Which has caused me so much pain, tears and strife.

I remember you, my pride and joy every day,
But the pain and broken heart will never go away.
My heart is in many pieces as I try to carry on,
there is no normal life now that you are gone.

Although my heart is broken I know your in God’s care,
No one can ever hurt you again now that you are there.
In heaven with Mandi and Lexi waiting for the day,
For all your friends & family to join you and forever stay.

I asked God to bless me with faith and hope,
Strength and courage and to help me cope.
With the loss of you, so loved and so dear,
and all the things I missed so much this year!
 Love Mom 
written 7/23/2012 by Cindy Echtinaw 
Here is Lindsay's Tribute


Maryann said...

This poem is soooooo beautiful Cindy, and noone could have said it any better. I hope, it helps you to ease your pain to write these lovely lines, and that it will get easier over the time, even I know, there´s nothing worser than loosing a child. You´re all in my thoughts and heart these days here, where I know, it´ll be a bit hard again. Take care.

EnblogSail said...

U said it so well, Cindy. I can't believe one year has juz passed by.
May God keep n strengthen you today n always.

Sharon said...

Cindy and Kevin my heart and prayers are with you. Through my tears as I write this I know that your hearts are aching and that it brings comfort knowing that she is with God. I can see my Charming and Tucker romping with Lexi as your lovely daughter laughs at thei antics!

Love, prayers and lots of hugs!

Debra Pate said...

Beautiful poem. You are in my prayers.

Debra Pate

melissac said...

As I sit with tears rolling from my eyes, I am praying for you and Kevin!! Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today and everyday!! Hugs!!

Judy Garrelts said...

What a beautiful, well written poem. Just beautiful. I cannot believe a year has passed. You and Kevin are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that the fond memories of Lindsay help to ease your pain.
Big Hugs,

cathylynn said...

Your poem is beautiful. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart feels your sorrow and I'm sending you a gaint hug.
Love, Cathy-Lynn

Sheri said...

This is so beautiful and so eloquent, Cindy. I want you to are in my heart and prayers. (((hugs)))

Linda said...

Dear Cindy and Kevin, my heart goes out to you today and I just pray you get more comfort and peace as time goes on. Your poem is so beautiful and says so lovely both the anguish and the hope that you have over this tragic loss of life. Love to you both, Mom

grandmabonnie said...

Cindy, i don't have the words to heart can't speak because i feel your brokenness and it hurts too much. Beautifully said and i am deeply moved. My thoughts are with you.

Diane said...


A very beautiful poem.
Love you, Diane

Danielle said...

We do not know each other Cindy, but I know you though my friend Cathy Lynn. Your poem touched my heart. would like you to know that you & husband will be in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love & courage from Montreal.

Stacey said...


My sweet friend... Your poem is so beautiful and has really touched my heart! I wish as we all do that we could ease your pain. Just know you have so many friends and family that love you and are here for you. Your special Angel is watching over you!

anaRy said...

Lots of love to you and Kev and your family. Beautiful poem..only true and deep love could put it so beautifully.
hugs..and I have you in my heart.


redcrayon said...

That was very tender and beautiful. I hope that you do find a way to go on. I read this with my only child. My 9 year old daughter. We are thinking of you and all those that cared for her.

Denise Crosby said...

Hugs to you Cindy. May God grant you peace and love today and in the weeks and years to come.

Sandi said...

We cannot express in words, though we try over and over, to ease the sorrow one goes through when they suffer a loss such as yours, but there is that shining hope and belief that though they are no longer here, they are still. The spirit God gave each of us never dies, never grows old, and when our spirit leaves this earth, it waits until that glorious day when we are reunited with Christ Jesus and each other. That is what hope and grace and faith offer us, peace in knowing. GBY

Jill said...

What a beautiful poem, Cindy. Lots of hugs to you and Kevin.

Silver Paws said...

aw bless you all take care xxx

Tracy said...

I pray that God is with you on this especially difficult day. Take care.

Donna said... parent should have to go through this loss. I am so sorry for your pain. This poem is beautiful and such a tribute to your lovely daughter. I hope you can some day find comfort in all the loving memories. Sending big hugs!

Peggy said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. The hole will always be there but in time the happier memories will surpass the tragedy. God's blessings on this and every day.

JOAN said...

Wonderful words!! You have the promise you will see her again. God bless you.

Kim Bush said...

My heart is with you my friend..............


Kim B

Michelle said...

What a beautiful poem, Cindy. My thoughts are with you & your husband & the rest of your family.

Corrie said...

Cindy my heart breaks for you and Kevin I recently faced a health scare with my daughter and it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I can't imagine your pain knowing how hard that was. You are in my prayers

Mary said...

What a beautiful poem, Cindy. It touched my heart because I lost my dad when I was 14...that was 37 years ago. I still miss him everyday, I'm certain I always will. God bless your faith and give you the strength and courage to find others in need. Perhaps giving love to others will help.