Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweet Valentines Justrite & Spellbinders Gift

 I am excited to share with you
my "Sweet" Valentine gift for my husband using Justrite Stamps & Dies!!!!

I call my Kevin Sweets so when I saw the JustRite Stamp set,
Home Bakery Labels, I knew immediately I was gonna have to
make a card and do something "SWEET" for him for valentines.

I used Spellbinders Tool n' One Paper Piercer with Layer Creator
to pierce my Red Card Creator Layer

 Here is what will be hanging on the wall when he comes home.
I took "Sweets" and wrote a poem to him inside the
card. The words in bold coordinate going clockwise around the heart.
Here is my Poem:

At 15 I fell in love with you my Bit o Honey
You won me over with your Charms
All the other guys are Nerds and Runts compared to you.
I sure Skored when I fell in love with you.

You are my Lifesaver and my best friend!
You always help me out when Im in a Crunch and that
is just one of the many Riesens I love you!

I wouldn’t trade all our fun times together for 100 Grand
as every day with you is Mounds of fun!!!!

I love you to Pieces my Red Hot man!!!
Happy Valentines Day!
lots of Kisses
love your Hot Tamale
p.s. I will show you my Whoppers
if you show me your Whatchamacallet

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Carolyn said...

Oh so sweet it is. Love hearts on the front with a very creative poem inside. Kevin will certainly treasure this Valentines Day...and hopefully no snow to shovel.

Linda B said...

This is so sweet and adorable. I love this card. Kevin will also. Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Valentine's Day.

endgame said...

You are so clever Hope you recover to reap the rewards this may bring you!;0

Eileen Lucas said...

I like this PG version LOL. This is a real Bullseye for sure. Oh thats
way too much on the roof, yikes, be careful both of you. Enjoy your dinner out, and Happy Valentines

Suzi said...

After seeing the other version, I had to check this one out, too! LOL!

cathylynn said...

No more snow!! Hey Cindy this is a fantastic Valentine for Kevin. Your poem is "Yummy" and watch out for "Payday". Have fun!!!
Hugs, Cathy

Jeri said...

How cute! Wish I had a guy to do something like this for.

Lorianna said...

This is Fabulous!!
So going to (borrow) this for next year!!!
He's going to love it, and what better way to get him "JUMP" started than a SUGAR high!!! LOL

Cassandra said...

Love it! So creative

redwings19 said...

That's hysterical! I love how creative you are. Happy Valentine's Day to you both.

Lara Hanson said...

Cindy you did a wonderful creative job on this Valentine's Day card and everything for your husband. I hope he loves it.

JoAnn Flatt said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing

Edie L said...

Such a cute poem. I like your personal version best. (LOL)
The card is beautiful and I used it as a sample for my valentine cards to my grands. Didn't have any of the exact supplies you used so I improvised. Guess I need more valentine stuff.

Edie L said...

Meant to tell you I hope you can walk today after shoveling snow. Be careful; that is a hard, hard job even on the ground.

Moosisk said...

LOVE it! Everybody needs a little humor in their lives. :D You don't have to give us the details on how the evening went though. LOL

Cyndee Scholet said...

That is just SO sweet (Ha-ha - couldn't resist the pun-ny humor)! Seriously, what a fun, sweet, humorous and sentimental card and gift. Bet he will have fun reading (and eating the goodies!)